You Deserve A Healthy & Fit Life 
Effective workouts in private & small group classes 

26 Small group classes per week with early am, late pm & weekend classes

Private one on one sessions as low as $38

Body composition analysis, nutrition guidance and accountability is recommended for maximal results

 Step 1:

Private Training 

Start with a customized private training program!

 Step 2:

Nutrition Plan 

Increase your results through a customized acountability nutrition program.

 Step 3:

Group Classes 

Join any of our 26 Small group classes or continue with your private program. 

“Hands down, the best experience you can have with organized fitness. Mostly because it’s so much more than just fitness. It’s a community of fun, supportive people and incredibly knowledgeable coaches who you actually want to spend time with”

“Working out here has been the single best decision I have made in my life. It has given me great confidence, a strong community to grow with, and overall coaches that have been there for me the whole way. “

Woodslawn Athlete shout out!

Meet Maureen

What I value most about being a member of CrossFit Woodslawn is the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. This is my first experience with CrossFit so I was a bit nervous , but the coaches and members are such a great community that starting did not feel intimidating at all. 

Since starting with Woodslawn I have noticed a huge difference in my health. I am eating healthier and taking better care of myself, so I feel better in general and am managing stress better. 



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