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What does your plate look like?

May 4, 2018




Lets start this off by taking the "swear word" diet out of the conversation. Generally speaking, when people hear the word diet they immediately think restriction. What can't I eat now? Is fat in my diet good or bad? How many miles do I have to slog through to make up for that afternoon candy bar? Additionally, because people feel restricted in their diets they get frustrated and revert back to what is comfortable. What if we started thinking about the food we eat as nutrition? What do I need to eat to sustain a healthy, active, disease free and satisfied life? Let the conversation start with what food can I eat which will provide me with the feeling of satiety and my body with fuel to keep me energized all day. Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Sage words from Michael Pollan, Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley and author of several documentaries based on food nutrition. Eat real food! Can you identify what is on your plate without referencing the periodic table? Mostly plants! A simple way to differentiate between plants as veggies and plants as starches is veggies grow above ground, starches grow below. (much more on this topic in later posts) Not too much! How much food do I need to sustain a healthy lean body mass? Notice I said nothing about body weight. No shits given about what your scale says. Whats better, a person who is 5ft 4 and 130 lbs with 35% body fat or one that is 22%? The scale says they are equal. Huh? What happens when we plug these numbers into the standard calculation used in medicine, BMI. The same thing. Their BMI's are the equal. Body mass index and body weight mean jack unless you know what make them up. Who do think has VISUAL abs? Nothing tricky about that question. Who do think moves better, has more energy, feels better in their favorite tee shirt or when they take it off. Who gets up and down from their beach towel easier? Which person will stave off the nursing home longer? Nutrition is the foundation of your body. We will see overwhelming results with intense, full range of motion functional movements. But at the end of the day, you CANNOT out exercise a bad diet.


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