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May 21, 2018




If you've been to one of my classes or followed this blog you know I put as much into my workouts as I do my nutrition. In previous posts we have started defining what carbohydrates, proteins and fats are. In addition, we have broken down carbohydrates into two types, starches and veggies. For a refresher, carbs we should be eating come in two forms, starches, those that primarily come from under ground and veggies, those that primarily come from above. Certain grains are exceptions to the starch rule.  Our meat protein sources should come from grass fed, grazing or wild caught sources. Other protein sources including beans and quinoa should be from organic sources ensuring you are getting the highest quality and amount of micro nutrients.  Remembering our oil fat needs to come from whole, unrefined sources such as avocado, walnut and coconut for cooking and olive for dressing purposes. Vegetable oils, corn, canola, safflower ect  are heavily hydrogenated during their processing and result in free radical molecules in our body. In short form, Free radicals = increased inflammation= metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Recognize the most prevalent health condition in our country is metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and that they are highly preventable with nutrition and exercise. IN THAT ORDER. 


OK, so we have covered what a macro is, where they should come from and how your plate should be structured. The next step is to put that into practical application. As we've covered in prior posts, a quick, close measuring device is your palm. This is far from exact and if you really want the best results then contact me and we can work on a specific, balanced plan for your goals. But for starters, it will work. The foundation of my breakfast is the same, everyday. Yams for starch,  veggies are greens, peppers and onions and either chicken, venison or pork and eggs for protein and fat. I prep the yams and pork/chicken/venison for the week on Sundays, cutting down the amount of cooking time I have in the morning. The starches, veggies and meat get tossed into a pan and sauteed for 10 minutes or so. My eggs get cooked in the same fat, usually ghee ( it has a super high smoke point), and either eaten right away or on days I'm fasting put into a travel container and eaten later in the morning. More on fasting in later posts. Quantity is usually the same, but may fluctuate depending how I feel. 


Lunch and dinner are structured in the same fashion. I may eat a fourth meal depending on my training for the day. For the most part, you want to refrain from snacking or grazing throughout the day. If you have questions please reach out. Nutrition can be confusing, but it doesn't mean its complicated. See you soon. DRP


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