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Functional movement

March 8, 2019

 Functional movement at its core translates seamlessly into your daily activities. Pick something up. Change the load. Add a simple movement or obstacle and a clock. This is the recipe for a stronger, fitter more able-bodied human. 

We often rush in and out of our training forgoing a proper warm up and cool down. Realize that range of motion and injury prevention, while not sexy, is what keeps you healthy and moving. Your workouts should first prepare the specified muscle and connective tissue groups for action under load before the load is added. This warm up allows you and your coach to identify any range limiting issues whether they be form or soreness. With this information we can decide if scaling is needed or if we just need to mobilize the area in question further. Upon completion of your "work" for the day the same muscle groups need to be brought through a passive range of motion with added soft tissue manipulation.

Proper warm ups and cool downs are critical to identifying potential injuries and instrumental in preventing them. Injuries limit our training. Limited training yields limited results.


We post free mobility on our blog every weekday and have a Sunday class dedicated to mobility. 


Come check it out Sunday mobility @ 9 or any of daily CrossFit classes 


Free trial: https://crossfit-woodslawn.triib.com/free-trial/



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