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November 13, 2018


Some barbell rowing to loosen up before our jumping jack workout. Today we carried a " load" ( DB) over and obstacle. Then we got down on the ground and got back up. Real world application of this workout is unlimited. We develop stability and stamina to assist with our everyday obstacles from stepping over the dog with an arm load of grocery's to toting the kids through April Hill park. At CrossFit Woodslawn we program every workout with the mindset of " how does this make me better outside the gym". Stretch those tight calf and quad muscles today.


2 minute wall calf stretch

1 minute couch 

2 minute dragon

1 minute single leg standing forward fold


Lac ball

- tac and floss calfs

Foam roll

- Quads


For questions check us out @ www.crossfitwoodslawn.com




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