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January 17, 2020

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November 19, 2018

 A good hamstring and butt workout in the programming today. Lucky for us we have a huge parking lot that can double as a sled pushing/pulling platform. Calf, hamstrings and butt will be taxed a bit today. Sled pushes are a great way build core stability, increase muscle endurance and move some heavy weight without taxing the joints too much. The day will be complete with a scaled hero CrossFit Workout called Tellier. This workout will be repeated as team on December 1st as our partner community workout for the Multinomah Village area residences. 


ROM- Happy Thanksgiving week


1 min wall calf stretch

4 inch worms

1 minute down dog

1 minute twisted dragon

3 minute seated forward fold


2 rounds

25 glute bridges

25 bird dogs

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