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April 10, 2020

April 9, 2020

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November 28, 2018


Played around with pull-up modifications today. Pulling power and grip strength translate into our daily lives often. Modification does not mean lesser in value. Modification allows us to move in the correct planes, develop good form and increase our intensity. If we don't train a movement how can we ever master it. Training for a weightlifting meet by running marathon isn't going to produce desired results. At CrossFit Woodslawn we believe movement>intensity>volume>weight. 




2 minute wall pec stretch

1 minute saddle archer ( use a towel to connect your arms)

2 minute cross shin forward fold

1 minute floor wrist


Tac and floss medial epicondyle ( think muscle that attaches to your funny bone)

Lac ball tac and floss posterior tib

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