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.....it was really to prove Dan wrong

July 25, 2019

Let’s be clear, I didn’t start Woodslawn Willpower Nutrition because I wanted to build more muscle, improve my performance in the gym, or become more competitive. I didn’t care about losing weight either. In all honesty, it was really to prove Dan wrong… He said I would feel better, have more consistent energy, and might even sleep better. I didn’t actually believe that was possible and had every excuse in the book for why my nutrition wasn’t the issue.  But the completely exhausted, 42 year old, full-time working mom (of 5 year old twins) in me screamed that I had nothing to lose. Sooo I caved, and decided to give it a try.


With a lot of patience, coaching, and (mostly) gentle reminders, Dan helped me set small achievable goals. And with equal amounts of complaining and eye rolls, I gave up my daily diet coke, a lot of sugary treats, and worked on eating three consistent meals a day with more calories and protein. As a fairly active person who was genetically gifted a decent metabolism, I had never in my life thought this much about food. In fact, I had always considered myself lucky that I could pretty much eat what I wanted, when I wanted, with little consequence. My learning curve was steep, and there were a lot of times I wanted to give up…


So far, I’m still on board, and as I continue to move forward and refine what, when, and how much I eat, this crazy thing has started to happen. I am feeling better. A lot better. It hasn’t happened overnight, and at first the improvements were hard to appreciate. But, I am slowly learning that what I had always thought was “eating with little consequence,” actually has had an enormous impact on my energy (or lack thereof), my complexion, my moods, my headaches, and even my ability to recover from illness. The “consequence” of not paying attention to how I fueled my body was far more significant than I could have ever imagined.

Of course not every day is perfect- life is busy, and I still battle prioritizing meals and the deeply ingrained nutrition (mis)information from a childhood in the 80’s and 90’s. But, what was once burdensome and annoying (food planning and prep) has become habit and significantly less time consuming. The reward, as it turns out, is more than worth the effort.



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